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Educating Through the Media

Weka Organisation acts as both watchdog and advocate to the media, empowering real people to share their stories, while holding the media accountable for the words and images they present. As more Congolese see LGBT stories in newspapers, on our website and social media sites, or in entertainment media, they will grow to respect and understand LGBT community, paving the way to full equality.

Why are we so optimistic?

At Weka Organisation, we believe that people are basically fair. When they see LGBT people and hear their stories, they will come to understand that this is about people just like them – their brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends – who deserve to be accepted, respected, and valued. Weka Organisation will continue to bring this message to Congolese, in one newspaper article, one TV character, one story at a time.

Weka Organisation reaches media insiders, but also impacts millions by uncovering and sharing the stories of hate crimes and injustices.

Educating Community Leadership

In DRC, widespread misinformation and misperception about homosexuality encourages oppression and violence towards those of our member who are LGBT. The fear of rejection and isolation from family, community, employer, or school, along with the threat of imprisonment, causes many LGBT to keep their sexual orientation hidden. This leads to devastating consequences not only for the individuals who do not access HIV-preventive education, contraception, testing, and care, but for the entire community.

We must educate and equip our community leaders to combat this cycle of blame and shame, and increase understanding and acceptance of homosexuality. In 2019, we organized training for more than 30 local leaders. Your support of our mission makes this education, and change, possible.

One voice makes a difference; our collective voices accelerate and sustain lasting change.

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