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Welcoming People Who Share Our Values and Aspirations

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in Weka Organisation’s general meetings

  • Eligibility to become a member of Weka Organisation’s Board of Directors

  • Receive a report on the activities and expenditures of the organisation at determined intervals

  • For ordinary members, to vote at a general meeting

  • May use Weka Organisation’s facilities when advised that they are available for their use

  • May be invited for Weka Organisation’s activities, workshops and trainings

  • Access Weka Organisation’s Resource centre when space is available

Weka Organisation is a membership organisation. It welcomes all people who share its values and aspirations as well as its aims and objectives.

Weka Organisation has one category of membership open to the public; Ordinary membership. Ordinary members are life time members of Weka Organisation.

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