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The Great Lakes region is one of the most difficult areas in Africa, hit by endless civil wars and inter-ethnic conflicts for several decades. As a result, human rights have been violated. Thousands of women and men have been victims of sexual abuse. Others have lost their fortunes and have become so poor that they are now unable to meet basic living needs. While most of those affected are emotionally exhausted, traumatised and helpless.

Due to such an appalling situation, thousands of youth are fleeing their cities and territories to the city of Uvira where they hope to find more safety, freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, upon their arrival in Uvira, they are faced with new challenges: discrimination in the workplace, corrective rape, robbery, murder, stigmatisation, homophobia, harassment, intimidation ...

These challenges have made this social group an outcast, isolated of his community, and of society.

Given this situation, as human rights defenders, a group of proactive from Eastern of DRC decided to create a non-profit organization to make a difference in our community.


Although DRC is a member and a subscriber of the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, the government does not comply with its international human rights obligations, and provides no protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition, homosexuality is criminalized in section 175 of the penal code, and the state does not recognize marriage equality rights for all couples, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Homophobia takes many forms in DRCongo:

  • verbal abuse and intimidation

  • physical abuse

  • expulsion from school

  • discrimination at work

  • psychological abuse

  • the production of anti-Gay movies

  • rejection and isolation from families, friends, and communities

  • sexual abuse

  • denial of health care services

  • arbitrary arrest and imprisonment

All these forms of homophobia are destructive, not only for those who live openly as LGBT, but for our country and society as a whole. Children are taught to hate from an early age, and the cycle of prejudice, violence, and hate continues, generation after generation. This must be stopped.

We mobilize the international community to pressure the Congolese government to live up to its moral obligation, according to the United Nations Human Rights Declaration. We insist that all citizens are entitled to equal rights and protection under the law, and we seek a country where all can enjoy “life, liberty, and security of person.”

VISION Create a better future without any exclusion, in which justice, peace, dignity, equity, health, freedom are promoted and sustained over the long term.




MISSION Guarantee justice, peace, health, dignity, freedom and an enabling environment for marginalized people regardless of their country of origin, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.

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We believe that all our interactions with members, partners and stakeholders are the reflections of our INTEGRITY; we, therefore, maintain high ethical standards.



We are ACCOUNTABLE to our members, donors, funders, and partners to use resources to improve the lives of our community.


We strive to be accessible, adaptable, and RESPONSIVE, to demonstrate a sense of urgency in all our services and the support we provide to our community.


We foster INCLUSIVITY in all aspects of life, we keep an open mind and embrace positive challenge as our institutional culture.


We believe in RESPECT and dignity for everyone. Therefore, we are guided by RESPECT for human dignity.


We believe that our purposeful actions will ultimately make the difference we envision in our community, and we believe this can only be achieved through PASSION and volunteerism.


We are committed to investing quality time in EXCELLENT services that enrich the lives of our community.


WE strive to create opportunities for full access and participation of all marginalised groups in all aspects of society including economic, social, cultural and educational endeavours and contributes to the holistic development and wellness of individuals, family and community.

WE use the following four pillars in carrying out our mission:

  • Cultural Identity: promoting and maintaining the unique cultural Identity of African heritage, intergenerational cultural preservation and a sense of belonging.

  • Advancement and Empowerment: reduce inequality by improving the quality of lives of the communities through the empowerment of the diverse demographics.

  • Integration: improving the economic and social participation of the marginalised groups.

  • Resource Diversification and Organisational Sustainability: prioritise the development and integration of a detailed sustainability vision into its long-term strategic plan in a way that will create lasting value while also creating public trust.




Security and protection from GBV risks and

Legal aid support

Strategic Goal

Economic empowerment & Adult education


Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


Mental Health Support


Improve employment opportunities through skills development and career support


Influence and advocate for LGBTIQ refugee resettlement through partnership support


Strengthen organisational resource diversification and financial sustainability


Build and maintain effective and efficient governance systems

Security and protection from GBV risks and Legal aid support


Ensure sound decision-making throughout the organisation


Research, dialogue and influence policies that affect sex workers & LGBTIQ

Advance the wellbeing and wellness of members through Psychosocial support for sex work & LGBTIQ

International exchange & capacity development

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